Texas Finally Gets Solar Win

solarWhile solar energy companies have been running to California and Arizona to build their sprawling wind farms, Texas has finally seen a piece of good news in the fight over getting more solar energy in the state. First Solar, the world’s largest solar power company, has agreed to build a massive solar power farm in West Texas.

The 200-acre commercial solar farm is meant to help fill in gaps in the Texas power grid. With recent troubles over power fluctuations, it is good for the state to see an infusion of renewable energy. Also, First Solar thinks that it can keep itself profitable by working from their end as a merchant to other companies. They believe they can sell to other companies to help keep the power grid solid while also making sure the state has enough energy to run on a daily basis. It’s a win-win for Texas energy.

Solar energy is gaining momentum in Texas.  Recently Green Mountain Energy became the first electric provider in Texas to offer a 100% solar energy electricity plan to deregulated parts of the Texas market.


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