Wind Enery Can Help Power Grid Reliability

Wind TurbinesThe problem with wind energy’s perception in the public eye is that it is not very reliable. However, wind energy is perfect for changing and adjusting the strength of the power grid because it can alter its own output very quickly. The NREL, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, has found that the wind energy farms already in operation can change their output enough to allow for regulation of energy grids. However, natural gas power plants are typically used for this purpose.

Changing the tilt of the blades on wind turbines ever so slightly can alter the output of the wind farm and allow for it to cover the gaps in the traditional power grid. If the wind farms are used for this purpose, they can earn more money because this service is so very important to the traditional energy sector.

With the help of wind farms, the power grid can likely stay solvent long into the future.

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Wind Energy Construction May Stall With Loss Of Credits

A tax credit that is two decades old has helped to propel the building of wind energy projects in the United States. However, these tax credits just expired and Congress is deciding whether or not to renew them. Because of this, projects that are in the works may not go forward. Some companies are concerned that they will not be able to recover expenses without the tax credits.

While there are many in the wind industry who expect that the credits will be renewed this year, that does mean that companies are not going to slow down their projects just in case there is a problem with the credits.

If wind energy producers are not offered these credits in the future, wind energy production could stall completely. This leaves the whole industry dependent on a tax credit that Congress should be able to easily extend again.

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